I was born and have lived all my life in Ipswich to the best parents anyone could ever have. With their encouragement and support I joined SEH Ipswich on the 23rd June 1983 and have now served a sentence of some 40 years. I have been very blessed having a career where I have enjoyed coming to work every day and have worked with both incredible clients and colleagues on some amazing projects.

I met my wife Martine on the 13th of July, we got engaged on the 13th of July and we were married on the 13th of July – to date, I have never forgotten the date of our anniversary. We have three wonderful daughters, four grandsons and now our first granddaughter. We celebrate everything, and we share time together whenever we can – they are my world and take up most of my spare time, well all of it really! My only personal indulgence is playing guitar, if only for a few minutes every day. This is usually when they have all gone to bed.

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